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In Canada, and … are operated by Win4lin Inc.’s Canadian affiliates in Canada: Computer Engineering Inc. is a Linux support provider and web hosting company in Canada.
Win4lin Pro is here

Win4lin Inc. is now shipping its Win4lin Pro product that will run Windows 2000/XP on Linux! Order Win4lin Pro downloadable versions now for $119.99CAD + GST (while supplies last)!

WINE takes a bath, Win4lin Pro keeps on track

Win4Lin, unlike WINE, is not an emulator. Because win4lin runs an actual licensed copy of Windows as a Linux process, these issues have no relevance to Win4Lin.

Win4Lin Inc. has acquired the assets of NeTraverse Inc..

Computer Engineering Inc., a nettraverse Canadian affiliate, is also now an affiliate of Win4lin Inc.. We will continue to provide quality service to our Canadian and foreign customers through this new relationship.

Virus protection and productivity gains

Netraverse’s award winning software win4lin lets Linux users get virus protected email though their linux based email client, and other Linux based services, AND run their windows only based programs without rebooting.

win4lin is a great way to migrate your company from Windows to Linux, to increase productivity, and to help protect yourself against virii by using Linux programs for email.

How win4lin works

win4lin works using the actual linux kernel to do the low level display of windoze. By using the linux kernel, win4lin becomes more stable by relying on an operating system that is more stable (linux) and file system that is more stable than the traditional file allocation table, or fat partition.

The linux kernel itself is actually patched, and popular versions already patched are available without the need to do any kernel magic. Architecture is important, however, and even though you may be able to get an intel i686 chip to work with an i386 kernel, it will not work with win4lin, so the proper i686 patched kernel miust be used in this example.

Migrating to Linux from Windows 98*

It is an ideal migration path for multiple versions of old windoze products in an office environment. If you have one, or many windows products on obsolete machines, you can upgrade a new box to Linux, or keep the old computers, and move your employees to one large and powerfull windows terminal server on a 100BaseT or faster network.

Ask us about the windows terminal server software.

USA support

For sales in US dollars, and for USA support please go to

* “Windows 98” is a product formerly sold by Microsoft Corporation of Redmond Washington

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