win4lin Products

Linux offers one of the most stable, secure, reliable and cost-effective operating system platforms available today. Now, NeTraverse extends those values and qualities to the desktop. Providing users access to their Windows applications and resources, NeTraverse brings the best of both worlds together.

The NeTraverse product suite delivers the fastest and most cost-effective, resource-efficient, high-performance solution for running Windows applications on Linux – NeTraverse Win4LinTM 4.0 and NeTraverse Server Standard Edition. Both are integral to reducing an operation’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), while providing an improved user experience.

Learn how they can help you significantly reduce your hardware and OS license upgrade costs while improving your productivity!

NeTraverse Win4Lin 4.0
Win4Lin enables Linux users to run popular Windows programs at native speeds without additional hardware or the need to dual boot, dramatically improving productivity and reducing hardware and OS license upgrade cost.

Win4Lin Terminal Server 2.0
The Win4Lin Terminal Server brings the benefits of a Linux computing platform model to users in a networked environment. Leveraging one of the most stable, scalable server platforms to deliver Windows application services over a network, Win4Lin Terminal Server provides centralized management, optimized resource deployment and network integration.

Win4Lin Terminal Server 2.0 replaces Netraverse Server Standard Edition (NSSE).