Professional Laser Hair Removal

Shaving and waxing are popular hair removal procedures, but laser hair removal is efficient because the hair never grows back.

Canadians appreciate that the procedure is precise. The laser only affects areas of the skin that are pigmented. It just burns the hair follicles, and it does not harm the skin that surrounds it.

Our hair grows in several stages. The stages are telogen, categen, and anagen. Laser hair removal is very effective on hair during the early anagen stage, which is when the hair grows actively. During a treatment, a laser hair removal specialist aims a concentrated beam of light on the follicle. The light transfers its energy to heat, which prevents further hair growth.

Although a laser hair procedure reduces body hair permanently, scientists cannot proof that it removes all hair. To achieve the best results, the hair must be removed during the earliest part of the anagen stage. This is why most clients need consecutive treatments. Many clients have achieved a significant reduction after they had a series of sessions every four to six weeks. If hair does grow back, it will be thin and lighter.

How To Get The Best Benefits

There are certain laser hair removal procedures that are ideal for light skin and dark hair. An artificial darkening agent will be needed for light hair so that the laser can target each follicle.

Hair should never be removed by the root six weeks before an appointment. Instead, shave or use a gentle hair removal product, such as Nair.

Choose a Canadian treatment facility that has the newest technologies to decrease overall pain. Some clinics use the Candela GentleLASE because it preps clients’ skin for the laser.

Before choosing a specialist, visit the clinic so that the technician can perform a test pulse. During the day of the treatment, shave the area that will be treated to minimize pain. Do not drink any caffeine before the treatment because caffeinated beverages will make the procedure more painful.

There will be some pain during the treatment. It will feel like a rubber band that slaps on the skin. If the pain is severe, give the technician some feedback because the technician may need to adjust the coolant or the laser’s intensity level.

After the procedure is completed, clients commonly have slightly red skin. Older technologies usually left clients burned for several days, but current technologies only leave clients sore for a few hours.

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