The Benefits of Implementing Indoor Navigation

When trying to find your way around a large building, you may need the assistance of GPS to reach your destination. The issue is that you often will find that GPS signal cannot be found in certain buildings. This can be solved by implementing indoor navigation. By using WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy beacons, an indoor navigation network can be connected to an application that helps users track their location within a building. For more information, there are additional resources available at Jibestream.

What Are The Benefits
One of the main benefits to indoor navigation networks is that by using beacons located on different floors of a building, unlike GPS, users can track the floor that they are currently on. Thi will allow the application to provide information that may be floor specific to the users.There is an increased level of precision that accompanies indoor navigation networks. With WiFi hotspots and Bluetooth beacons located throughout the building, the application users are able to have their location precisely tracked down to each step taken. This level of precision is necessary for finding your way indoors due to the fact that you may be trying to reach a specific room that may be located next to several others.

Another benefit of implementing an indoor navigation network is that it allows users of the navigation application to instantly be familiar with a large building. This would allow employees to immediately navigate the building more efficiently and with less time taken to become familiar. An example would be packages that are delivered throughout the building could be delivered more efficiently. If the navigation network was connected with the mailroom’s database, it could show the exact floor and room that it needs to be delivered to. This information could then be accessed by the employee that is in charge of delivering the package. The employee would then be able to deliver the package in the most efficient and timely manner possible. This same approach could be used for any employee that needs to navigate the building. With the application connected to the network’s database, they could find their way immediately to whatever location they are needed.

There are many benefits when adding a navigation network to a building, from deliveries to allowing visitors to navigate more efficiently. An application can be developed to go along with the network once it has been set up. The hardware needed (WiFi hotspots and/or Bluetooth beacons) is cheap, and there are many potential applications for the network once it has been implemented. For more information, there are additional resources available at Jibestream.

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