Three Reasons You Need to Design Custom Mobile Forms for a Paperless Workflow Process

Custom mobile forms are utilized by everyone from restaurants who accept online orders for food delivery to retail stores and more. These are special forms that are designed specifically for use with mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. As a business professional, you may not see the need to create a special input form for these devices. After all, most smartphones and other mobile devices can connect to a web browser, and the user can complete your online form in this format. While this may be true, there are three good reasons why you need to design custom mobile forms.

The Size of the Screen
One of the most significant differences between mobile users and PC users is the size of the screen they are working on. While the entire PC-version screen may be viewable on a mobile web browser, the reality is that it is often very difficult for a user to fill out a form in its entirety using a mobile device. A special form needs to be created that is user-friendly for the type of device the user is using. Keep in mind that an increasing number of users are accessing the Internet through mobile devices.

The Type of Environment the User Is In
The physical environment the user is in can vary based on the type of device the user is using. Consider, for example, that a PC is generally used in an indoor environment with the ideal lighting in place for optimal screen viewing. With a mobile device, however, the user may be outside or may be in a very sunny area, and there may be a harsh glare on the screen. Creating mobile forms that account for unique lighting conditions is ideal for the optimal user experience.

The Type of Connection the User Has
A final factor to remember is that the connection of a mobile user may be slow or rather unstable. When the mobile form is designed, the capabilities of the typical connection your user may have can be taken into account. This can improve the overall user experience in a number of ways.

There is cost for you to create additional mobile forms for various applications in your website. However, by enduring this cost, you will be providing many of your online users with an improved experience with your website. Keep in mind that those who get frustrated with a poor experience may easily click off of your website and head to the competition. This is the last thing you want to experience with your online users, so take time today to begin working on the design of mobile forms for your paperless workflow needs. For more insights, ProntoForms has resources and information available on their website.

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